Getting to JFK

Ok, so on some cold night when I had clearly lost my mind I made a reservation to fly out of JFK-New York to Vancouver, Canada leaving at 6:40 in the morning.  Yes, that is right. What was I thinking?  Since it is an international flight you are supposed to be there three hours before.  Ok-ay.  Hmm.

So, I try to find a way to get from mid-Long Island to JFK at the godforsaken hours of the night.  The last train leaves at 11:45 or, if I can get to another station, 1:46.  Fine.  That gets me to Jamaica at either around 1 am or 3 am.  Airtrain does run all night.  Check.  But is JFK open?

Ah, that is the question of the century.  “Check the website, duh” you are thinking.  Ah-ha! Gotcha.  I defy you to find the hours of operation on the JFK or MTA websites.  Nadda. No such luck.  Nihil.  The most I can find is that some terminals are open all night but not Terminal 7 (mine, of course) and when that reopens is known to God alone.  And I guess the night janitor?

I will end up hiring Supershuttle and pray that I don’t die an excruciating death on the Southern State Parkway (aka LI Autoban-highway-of-doom) or, everyone’s favorite NYC road: the Belt.  At least the real human whom I eventually was able to connect with via the phone for Supershuttle was super-helpful.

Lesson to be learned: never book a pre-dawn flight unless you happen to live at the airport.  Or, I guess, are the night janitor.