Welcome to my site

Perdita Boston Terrier

This website represents my personal and professional reflections.

Here is my dilemma: who really cares what another abstract, anonymous person thinks?  I mean, if you are not a truly creative genius, famous or Anne Franck- who really wants to bother reading about you? So the entire purpose of this blog/website concept is a bit mystifying and self-absorbed.

However I do have some topics of interest that I would like to work on within this site.  Here is my opening gambit:

traveling the ringroad in Iceland– why I need to do this to find the truth of Icelandic saga.  These sagas never fail to capture one’s imagination with the human drama and the thin line between the gods and men.

the sacred spaces in the world– those “thin places” where the “spiritworld” or whatever seems to shimmer behind the wind.  Places I would recommend: Delfi, Lindesfarne, Connamara, certain places on the eastern end of Long Island.  The list will grow.  Send me you suggestions.

Negotiating unbelief within a faith tradition– can it be done? And if so, how such that it is authentic and honest.

Dogs as companions– the writings of philosopher Donna Haraway have inspired me to think long and hard about my devotion to canines and how I might better appreciate the world as they see it as reflected in their relationships with humans.  My current love is a Boston Terrier named Perdita.  The BEST DOG IN THE WORLD.   But that is just my completely objective and factually true claim.

Myths and fairy tales as proto-philosophical reflection— examining mythic traditions for hints about how we parse experience of the world and ourselves.

The nature of Shadows as metaphysical metaphors and markers for being.

W. C. Turgeon