Monday June 25th-planning day

gay pride flag over Magdalen

Today we convened class and first order of business was to choose our chapters and individuals who would be representing Oxford to our group.  The students’ choices were:

Cardinal Newman
C.S., Lewis
Archbishop Cranmer
King Charles I
Alice in wonderland  and
Inspector Morse

wired bird in the rose garden

Their task for the afternoon was to begin working on their team presentations and plot out where in Oxford they want to take the group.  Fictive or real, each of these individuasl is associated with places around Oxford and they contribute to our concept of the Oxford Experience.

Today was another extraordinarily lovely day for roaming around the town.  While the main streets [High Street, Broad Street, Cornmarket Street] are packed, it does not take much to veer off into narrow side streets and find a different Oxford–an Oxford of a countertenor practicing a song, undergraduates walking in their robes, empty spaces where only ghosts seem to linger.