Karma and causality


Wash out in the rain

I know there is no real connection between hanging out a load of wash to dry on the line and rain… but there is.  Honestly.  We have not had rain for, oh, weeks, and this morning dawned sunny, warm, humid, like every other morning this month.  Great day to wash curtains!  This is my having a temporary mental breakdown where I think I am actually interested in cleaning my home.  It passes quickly.  But not quickly enough today, alas.

So, in drought-stricken areas, I have some advice!  Try this:

  1. Find major items that need to be washed, the more the better
  2. Be sure they have to be line-dried and cannot be put in a dryer (key point here)
  3. check forecast and choose a day with no rain in the foreseeable future
  4. Wash items; hang out to dry.

Presto:  major rainstorm will ensue!

Now, I am sure rational readers (if there are any: readers or rational anything out there) will smirk and say, “Pathetic example of the post hoc propter quid fallacy!”  (Go ahead, look it up.  I am pretty sure Latin in not taught anywhere anymore… or logic… but I digress.)  Ah, my friend, there you are wrong!  There is CLEARLY a causal link between my putting out all those items and the ensuing rain storm.  “What about all the times you hang out clothes and they dry in the sun?” you ask.  My response:  “I sneaked them out when the clouds were not paying attention!  Ha!”  “Why not just use the dryer, like everyone else?”  Well, why waste power when you have the sun?  Except when you don’t…  I wonder how long I will have to leave all that stuff out there…?

Lesson learned: Don’t rush to clean.